Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Just reflecting....

I have this little sleeping boy right next to me right now. Its so amazing to have seen him grown over this past year. He is so fun. Such an amazing little boy that loves attention and laughing. He is happiest when were out and about exploring the world!!! I can not even explain how amazing it is to have someone in this world that you created. It still baffles me!! I cant wait to see what things were going to get into in the future!!!!!

Get to know the The Pace Family!!

Zack :
Awesome Dad. Really good chef and boss. Loves to lift and stay buff!
Lives to be a mommy! Loves to take pics, esp of my son! (the writer of this blog)

The baby boy. Just turned one on April 27, 09. Center of Attention!!!

Our first "baby". He loves to give kisses.

Crazy puppy doggy! Always jumping around and getting crazy!