Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thumping my feet on the ground.

And no. I wasnt throwing a fit (this time). I went running last night. It was such a mix of emotions! It hurt in my chest, but oh did it bring back memories, and feelings of empowerment. I want to do it again as soon as I can. It was just ME all alone running around the block, and I actually got to think with peace and quiet. I cant wait to thump my feet on the ground again. hehe.

(p.s. you know your a mommy when: you can still smell the desitin on your hands while your running :))

Monday, July 27, 2009

Feeling a little.... blissful!!!!

We just put our son to bed. It was like something out of a movie... Just a perfect moment that I wish I could remember forever. I am in love with these two guys in my life... my son and my hubby. They make everything complete.
We just played for like 30 minutes together in his room, in the ball pit and attacking him with kisses. Then we read a few bedtime stories, laughing and reading together. It was just perfect. I am worried about when school starts!! I wont be able to see Lincoln hardly at all! Oh it makes me so sad. I know I will be "bettering" myself by getting through school, but for now it doesnt seem worth it to loose that time with my son! I can do this, I know I have to, cause in the long run it will make things better. But for now I will just complain about it :)
Here are some awesome pics of my son and our little family together.....

Luvn life right now,

Sunday, July 12, 2009

July goals....

So as we are already a few weeks into july I wanted to tell you a little about whats happening in our world and some of our goals for this july. Zack and I have reached a breaking point with our weight... we have decided to make a CHANGE for the better. This is not some fluke diet we are going to do... were just going to start living healthier and exercising everyday. My first step: NO SWEET TEA!!! gah its harder than you would imagine for me haha. But we are going to really push each other and support each other to do better. Like Zack said, we want to be good influences for our son. I want him to look up to me and not be ashamed of me. I want to be a hot mama. Yes we took some "before" pictures. I think I am too embarrassed to post those right now... but maybe once I am looking better I wont mind it.

News you actually care about (maybe), Our fourth of July!!! It was so fun. We walked around the Kent festival, met up with some old friends, and watched the fireworks from the firestation tower!!! SOOO Lincolns first fireworks reaction, absolutely priceless and adorable, check it out:

Lincoln is go go go these days, it has been a super fun awesome summer and I am glad I didnt take summer classes. This time we get to spend together as a family is absolutely irreplaceable.

Also Lincoln has been getting super bad rashes on and off since December. It has been really hard figuring out what to do for these.... we have tried four different prescriptions, and everything from yogurt to vinegar. So my next step: cloth diapers. Its been a crazy step let me tell you. I have been wanting to try these on my sons little sensitive skin, but its hard to figure out where to start. Plus finding time to wash cloth diapers didnt seem to make sense to me. Soooo we found these g diapers... they are cloth but have an insert that is flushable!!!! Today is my first full day trying it out sooo lets hope for the best. I am open to more suggestions too!!!
AAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNDDDD just for laughs... i will post pics of my attempt at throwing together a cloth diaper at home because he butt was sooo bad almost to the point of bleeding... that I didnt know what to do (i also do not own a sewing machine or anything) So here are some pics of Lincolns tank top cloth diaper he wore around the house the other day lol:

~Lots of love and laughter,

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A picture = 1000 words.....

My husband took this picture while I ran to meet him on lunch break at Virginia Kendell Park. I only got to spend maybe 15 minutes with them, but it was the best lunch break I have ever had. The smiles, the look of pure joy on my sons face... nothing can beat that. It is hard to even explain it really... so just take a good look at the picture. I think it does a pretty good job at explaining it. :)