Wednesday, November 28, 2012

December challenge

I challenge myself to blog everyday for the month of december.

Even if its just a short blog, I will do this, I really do have  a lot to talk about. ~Jess

Sunday, November 25, 2012

We are doing alright.

I have been bad at keeping up with this blog this past month! It is mostly because the computer has been broken and it was a pain to try and update from the phone. Welp, we got a new computer and I am gonna jump back on the updating. Things are going very well here. The boys are adjusting and my belly is growing. I am about 25 weeks now. I feel pretty great. More energy, am able to babywear Asher again, but not for long. I am absolutely not wanting to breastfeed him anymore but am trying to push through. He was in no way ready to wean, but I am all about dried up. Ill post more on that whole situation as it totally warrants its own blog post. Lincoln has been so lovey to "baby Mars" its so incredible to see him understand the process and treat my belly as the baby it is going to be. The Pace family is doing great and Ill post some pic updates very soon! Happy Holidays!