Sunday, August 16, 2009

What could be better than a baby sleeping?

I thought I would go back and look through some videos I had... here are some of Lincoln through the past year and 4 months, doing what he does best, SLEEPING!!!

Here LA is about 6 weeks old... he used to always sleep with his eyes partially open! He still does it sometimes. We are waiting in the backseat of the car here.

Lincoln sleeping on his dadas chest!!! Zack says all the time that he misses this!!! LA is about 9 weeks here or so....

Love this one!!! His little perfect precious twitches and smiling while he sleeps! He is about 4 months old. The music is by tool... its a lullaby remake. :)

Listen closely!!!! Lincoln is really snoring it up!! LA is about 10 months here. Was still sleeping in his infant car seat! Boy do I miss those days haha. He def takes after his dada with all that racket though.

Here is LA at about 13 and a half months, it is the most recent video I have of him sleeping, since he now sleeps in his crib all night and is such a light sleeper! Here we are at the mall waiting for some ppl to finish their shopping. He is really conked out. I was just sitting there admiring my beautiful sleeping boy!

OK... so which one was your favorite????

Here are some sleeping pics just for the heck of it too.....

p.s. you know ur a mommy when you stare at little sleeping babies for long amounts of time!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009



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And there you have it!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rotton to the core!!!

Ok, I might be exaggerating here a little bit. But lately it seems like the rotton temper tantrums that my little toddler is throwing are outnumbering the fun smiling times. Its rough!!! He has always been so fun and happy and lovey! But the past few weeks for the most part... well... its a little bit like this:
and this:
and here is another classic mad face he makes:
Screaming at mama:

Obviously disgusted with me:
He doesnt even want hugs from his friends!!:

Whew. What do I do?? I play with him and give him abundant hugs and kisses. I feel like there is a root to this problem, or maybe its just that he is starting to discover the new feelings of anger and frustration. But I feel like he doesnt want me around alot. I know it sounds silly about a little 15 month old. But he tries to bite me all the time. He hits his hands at my face and says "dont" (sounds more like "dow" and its so cute). He also says that when we are trying to feed him or do anything he doesnt want to do. I just dont want him to grow into being one of those mean boys you see running around pushing and being mean to people on the playground!!

Anyone have any good suggestions for me?? Im stuck on this one

Feeling a little bit frustrated myself,