Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day 09.

Happy Fathers Day!!!!

So although we dont do anything for each other for fathers and mothers day.... I still appreciate and love the father of my son, more than anything. ZACK, your an awesome dad, really its crazy how you have changed over this past year. Its so natural to you now. You love to get down and play with Lincoln. The way you make him laugh, and the way you care for him brings tears to my eyes. Your amazing. And I am happy to have you as my "babys daddy" and husband :)

Here are some of my favorite pictures of my man and my baby together.

Friday, June 12, 2009

I wouldnt change a thing! well... yes i would

So dont get me wrong. I love the way things have turned out for our family.. its amazing right now, we have so much love for this Little 13 month old boy ( and he gives lots of kisses in return). But there are def some things I wish I could change and I have been thinking alot about those things recently... like our location and financial situation.... ugh what to do what to do. I am un happy so much lately at my job and I know my husband is too. I just hope things can change for the better because I want Lincoln to have the best! He is such an awesome coool little boy. He loves to look up at me with this crazy gap toothed grin! I know that I would do anything in the world for this little man and my family. So on to the good stuff... all about Lincoln:
So I thought I would add a little video of Lincoln doing one of his favorite things to do... bathtime!!! He loves splashing and playing in his little ducky... he trys to say quack quack and its so cute!

He is officially walking everywhere now and I will try to get that on video too... its so cute he waddles/does some kind of frankenstein walk! I love it and he gets so proud of himself. Go Lincoln!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Marvelous May

Playing in the play area at chic fila we love it cause we can get in there with him and play!

This month went by in a blur! Seriously. He seems like he just had his first birthday and now he is already 13 and a half months. Why is this year going by so fast! yikes. I want it to slow down. I need more of my little boy!

The other night I went into Lincolns room to check on him a few hours after he had fallen asleep and he caught me!! AHH haha so i couldnt just leave him I held him again and rocked him in his room and sang to him... it was so crazy to have this big big boy in my arms it reminded me so much of when he was a newborn and I did that every night.

What I love about Lincoln right now:
~ He loves being the center of attention... haha he will just scream at random people in the store if they are not paying attention to him!
~He loves trying new foods but will def tell you if he does not like it. If he likes it he shakes his head up and down and says hmmmmmmmmmm
~He claps for himself whenever he takes steps
~He is very very afraid of slides. He does not find one thing enjoyable about them. But he loves swings and playing in the grass and flipping upside down!
~He points at everything and wants to know "whats dat"
~He gets all excited and giddy when he sees daddy coming home!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Top 5 reasons why.....

SOOOOO i really love this website called it has lots of fun mommy stuff and I love to see all the new things they post just about everyday! Well they always have little lists of things like the "10 embarrassing "mom"ments" and "ten reasons why i loved summer camp" well i wanted to put together my own list its the top 5 reasons why I am glad to not be pregnant anymore... and the top 5 reasons why I miss it!!!!!

Why I am glad to not be pregnant right now....
  1. I can go out for a few drinks! I dont freak out if someone is smoking near me!!
  2. The morning sickness, waddling like a duck, and heartburn are horrible... I can do with out those things!!!!!!!!!
  3. I can eat spicy things!!!!!! yay!
  4. I can exercise and have sex without worrying about a baby in my tummy!!
  5. I can lay down on my stomach and read a book!!! (this one was hard for me when i was pregnant to never lay on my stomach at all!!!!!!!!)
Why I miss being pregnant......
  1. While many women do not like the attention and constant belly touching, I loved it. I do miss being the center of attention and getting fawned over all the time.
  2. Nothing compares to feeling a baby move inside your belly its amazing!
  3. Being pregnant is a powerful thing.... your growing a baby!!
  4. Eating without guilt, yep.
  5. The bonding it brought with my hubby, planning the name, listening to the heartbeat together, working on the room, and just knowing that we created a human being.