Tuesday, May 15, 2012

GroovyCheeks Cloth Diaper Review and Giveaway

I am more than excited to be doing this GroovyCheeks Cloth Diaper Review and Giveaway! I had emailed GroovyCheeks about a month ago with interest in their diapers and wanting to find out and possible doing a review since our local awesome cloth diaper store (All About Baby Boutique) just started carrying their bamboo diaper line. They were incredibly generous at GroovyCheeks and sent me one of each diaper to review. They sent both a bamboo and a cloth, and agreed to give one my readers a chance at winning one of their Cloth Diapers!

A little information about the diapers from the groovycheeks website is in order, I do believe.
About the One Size fits most All in One Bamboo Diaper: ." It is constructed the same as our cloth diaper but made with high quality, renewable bamboo fabric. The interior is soft against baby's skin yet able to wick wetness away at the same  time. 
Exterior fabric 70% bamboo / 30% cotton, with waterproof PUL coating to prevent leaking. Interior fabric is 100% bamboo microfleece for a soft touch against baby's skin."

About their One Size fits most All In One Cloth Diaper: "The interior pocket holds the 6 layer microfiber insert for super absorbancy. Durable, adjustable snaps for correct sizing from birth to potty training. Hip snaps also incorporated to prevent leakage. Exterior fabric has a soft waterproof coating in a variety of colors. Interior fabric is a super soft microfleece to keep baby dry and comfortable. " 

A few tibits of info about these diapers that I love: 
  • They are made by a WAHM (a work at home mommy!) 
  • The bamboo diaper has a dark colored lining inside so it hides stains! AHHH!! 
  • They are super friendly, and fast to respond at GroovyCheeks
  • The bamboo diapers are breathable and antimicrobial, great for rash prone bebes
  • The cloth/microfleece is great for overnight use, its supersoft and absorbant

SO I am going to review both types of the diapers Bamboo in Green, Cloth in Black.
(but the giveaway is for the CLOTH ones, your choice of color)


 Bamboo: OMG these diapers are crazy soft! They are the definition of fluffy and I want to rub my face on them like a kitty cat! See ~

Cloth:  The cloth diapers fabric was one of the most soft microfleece lining that I have ever felt on a diaper. Super soft and silky feeling. Here is a picture of the inside soft fluffy goodness~

Bamboo: Holds in poo fantastically, and we had an issue with his heavy pees. The inner thigh lining would become wet after a few hours, and it didnt seem to bother him but I emailed Mika from GroovyCheeks about my little issue and here was her fantastic response: 
    "    The bamboo diapers do become saturated on the outside quicker than the
cloth. This is due to the outer layer being bamboo. Bamboo, as you
probably know, is more absorbent than synthetic fibers such as polyester.
Once pee gets on the outside of the diaper (on the other side of the
waterproof PUL layer) it saturates the diaper quickly. This is due to the
outside of the diaper being bamboo instead of polyester.
I rectify this issue with one of two things, I either change my little
girl every 2 hours (where I change the cloth every 3 hours) or I add an
additional insert to the bamboo diaper and it seems to work. I actually
just put a washcloth in with the bamboo insert and it works great for me.
That is the only downside of the bamboo. It is great for breath-ability
and any rash issues but the outside will become saturated if left on too
long or without an additional insert (or washcloth). "
Cloth: Had no issues whatsoever with leaks. The diaper held in several hours at a festival sitting in pee with no leaks, and holds in poop perfectly. Very absorbant insert and the inner thigh gussets held everything and were not too tight.

Bamboo: fit like a glove on my 17 month old. The diaper had so many snaps it was perfect for adjusting to what my son needed. Not too tight, not too loose.

Cloth:  Same perfect fit as the bamboo diaper. No complaints. My son walks perfectly with it on, no waddling with a big diaper between his legs. Does not leave any red marks on his belly or thighs.

Bamboo:The diaper itself has stayed in amazing condition even after repeated beatings from a toddler and an old washing machine. (although always hung to dry) The inner lining of bamboo has some aesthetic issues with wear and tear but works perfectly. *Pardon the playroom mess in the background :)

 Cloth: Still looking great after a month of use. A few little threads here and there sticking out that I needed to trim off. Is to be expected and totally has no effect on how well the diaper works. Overall, looks great! 

Both the bamboo and cloth have vibrant colors to pick from. The bamboo one in green I especially love for how earthy it looks, and the cloth diaper colors are very shiny and gorgeous! I love the pretty blue one I have.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with the GroovyCheeks company and their diapers. I am so happy to be able to offer one of the All In One Cloth Diapers to one lucky winner. 

But in case your not the one to win, you can buy the bamboo diaper from All About Baby Boutique  http://www.allaboutbabyboutique.com/catalog.php?item=596
 and as they do not yet carry the Cloth Diapers there yet, you can purchase those straight off the groovycheeks website http://www.groovycheeks.com/Online_Store

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PS I was not compensated for this review. I did it cause I like to, and cause they sent me a diaper to try out and tell yall about!  

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