Thursday, November 10, 2011

New move update!

It has been about two weeks since we have all moved into this apartment as a family. I am happy to be all together again, seriously, it is wonderful eating dinner all together, and seeing my husband play with the boys.

There have been some great changes happening with this big change in our living space... our big boy Lincoln has been... mostly, finally sleeping in his big boy bed in his own room! For the first time!!!

But here is where I am going to complain. I feel like I have a newborn again. It is horrible. Asher hardly naps, he wakes up screaming and whining about 4 to 6 times each night. I am so utterly tired and exhausted in the morning. Not to mention he is nursing every two hours again, AT LEAST! He is constantly attached to the boob again it seems. I am not sure if its just cause he is freaked out from the new place or what. He seems to like it here, he is also still plenty chunky and we are giving him a little bit more solids to try and help. But, its doing nothing! I am reading a book called the No-Cry Sleep Solution and I pray that this does something to help. I am going to try and introduce a lovey to him to help so he can comfort himself with it. But I am just so tired of constantly constantly nursing! Im sore!!!

Anyways lets check out pics of the new place and the boys!

Cant believe this little dude is 11 months. Where did my little baby go? He is trying to keep up with Lincoln and is pretty close to doing it!!!!