Tuesday, April 20, 2010

YAY! I can do this! Here we go!

I posted this on my facebook about two weeks ago... kinda announcing my second pregnancy to all my friends and family. I kinda wanted to write out how I have been feeling and my thoughts about where I am right now, just so I can always look back at this.

Its been so different this pregnancy. I think I am somewhere around 5 or 6 weeks, but I feel no rush to have to find out right now. I am very nauseous continually all throughout the day. Last time I would just throw up and be done and I have not thrown up once yet. I am sleepy all day, and just want to hang out with Lincoln the whole day.... I hate being away from him. I want to enjoy everyday of this pregnancy and everyday that I get to grow this baby in my belly!

Most of all I am obsessed with MAKING THIS BIRTH DIFFERENT! Making this birth what I WANT.... what I KNOW MY BODY CAN DO! I will take control of this birth experience, for me and for this baby!!! I will not see a doctor if I can help it. I want to have the full midwife experience, I know that it is just as safe to deliver in the hands of a midwife... even safer actually, than if I were to go back to that god forsaken hospital. I cant do that again.

I just keep saying to myself... VBAC VBAC VBAC VBAC VBAC VBAC VBAC! I know I can do it.

Here are a couple really empowering websites that I have been visiting for the past 2 years since the birth of my son:





Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Changes are coming our way!!

I have been working at Heinens for the past five years... the entire time my hubby and I have been married.... I havent known anything else. Lately it has been so hard, with work and school and trying to spend time with Lincoln. I have breakdowns all the time and it has really been hard on Zack. I need more time with my son... time I will never get back! So I have finally put my two weeks in at work. EEEKKK, its such a scary, excited, fun feeling. Im worried about how we will do, but at the same time I am planning on watching children this summer and during the weekends of the school year. Hopefully I can get enough business. I really would love to do that because I absolutely love working with children and I could be home with Lincoln at the same time.

On another note, we have had a wonderful last few weeks, with our spring break trip to florida to visit grandpa and disney. We also just went to Zacks brother Mike's wedding. It was beautiful.... and Lincoln looked super super handsome!! Check out this little man: