Thursday, October 27, 2011

We got a place!

Just got a two bedroom apartment in kernersville, NC! Finally moving in together as a family! Ill post pics soon. Cant wait for this weekend *moving in on Oct. 31st!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Saying goodbye to 25!

This year of my life has been epic, life-changing, and incredibly hard. I have learned so much but still have so much to go to find myself. I was almost 9 months pregnant when I celebrated my birthday last year and in nursing school full time, now I am laying in bed next to a 3.5 year old and a 10 month old and have spent the majority of the past seven months on my own with the two boys.
Let's re-cap the past 12 months of my life, shall we:

October 2010

Went out to dinner with my close family and two friends Katie and Melissa. It was very nice.... until I got the phone call on my way home that pretty much about changed my life forever. I learned to never ever ever EVER take your friends for granted. Do not let some petty thing come between you and a friend because you never know what could happen and you never had the chance to make things right between you. I will never forget that, and try to never let something stupid come in the way of a friendship again. I love you girl.

November 2010

Zack's birthday month. Dad came into town for thanksgiving with us. They drank the whole time and played video games, also they went to see a  Brown's game, while I stayed home and took lots of naps and studied for finals.

December 2010

I actually gave birth! I did it!!!! Pretty much on a high this entire month.

January 2011

Visted lots of family and friends over holiday break. Trying to get into the groove with two babies. Hard time nursing now. Start school back up. Spent as much time as possible snuggling my boys.

February 2011 

Life-changing month as well... Zack quit his job of 6 years at heinens!!! Just up and quit, tired of the bullshit with it and needed to get out, so he did it. May not have been the best way to do things but he made the leap. Packed up and took Lincoln on a trip to NC to visit and look around for a new job (this was a very hard, but relaxing 6 days without Lincoln!!!) . The start of  this crazy season in our lives in NC!
Start Birthworks Childbirth Education Classes with Tiffany Sexton (teacher) and Jen Dolly.

March 2011

First month alone with two boys while Zack moved to NC. Crazy hard month, but finally got a groove. Visited a lot of family and used the help of some friends. Also was getting overwhelmed with school at this point. Still really cold and snowy in Ohio.

April 2011

Crazy Month! My boys got very sick at the beginning of the month. Asher hospitalized with RSV, basically a cold in babies that gets into their respiratory system and makes it hard for them to breathe. I had to stay in the hospital for 3 days... by myself.... while Zack had just started a new job in NC and my uncle john's family took care of Lincoln. Really hard couple days! The next week, after Asher was all better, I attended a Rally for Safe Mothers in DC! Lincoln turned 3! Spent a lot of time with my sisters.

May 2011

Nothing much went on this month. Lincoln got a haircut. Asher is 5 months, starts sitting up.

June 2011

Pack up and follow my hubby down to NC! Say goodbye to Ohio friends and family. :(  Heather and the boys and I drive down for my sister's amazing wedding, and freaking awesome bachelorette party. Camera breaks at said bacelorette party. (learned lesson- do not drink and party while swinging a camera around, even if it is supposed to be shatter proof) Vacation in OBX with family, move in with Mimi in Raleigh!

July 2011

Living at Mimis house in Raleigh. Breastfeeding world-record setting. See Zack for a weekend. Friend Whittney has a beautiful new baby girl!

August 2011

Getting our groove at Mimi's house. Lincoln tries a Little Gym Class... epic fail. Chuckie Cheese. Meet up with my cheerleader girls for Suzanne's lingerie party! fab.

September 2011

 Vists with Papa and Zack. Start of weight loss challenge with Mimi! Read books like no one's business. Still at Mimi's house. Stupid freaking planned parenthood disaster.

October 2011

DOULA TRAINING IN ASHEVILLE, NC! Whoop whoop! Baby free for three full days, it was rough but such an amazing break. Then spent a day and a half in Edisto Island, SC. Now visting Zack in Winston Salem for my birthday! :)

What a crazy awesome amazing year! It has absolutely flown by. I really have been dreading turning 26, its too close to 30 for comfort, but I will do a whole other blog post about why its cool to be 26! Peace out 25, you been cool.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Slightly odd and random family facts

  •  I have Ornithophobia- an abnormal, irrational fear of birds. Seagulls terrify me the worst though. 
  • When I was 18 and got my first tattoo on a whim with my friend Melissa, I did a back handspring in the tattoo shop for the artists. I was such a show-off and a flirt.  

  • Would have been an astrounaut in another life, he loves all things space
  • Is currently writing his own comic book
  • Has a third nipple, no joke, its pretty badass.
  • Is a little obsessed with his peepee and poopoo right now. Will compare sizes of said excrement and tell me things like, "oh, look at that one that was a daddy sized poop, oh there was the little baby sized poop"


  • Obsessed with all things boob shaped. He will test it out with his mouth first, always, and in public. Makes me giggle. 
  • Thinks its funny to pull on your lips and scratch you and grab you as hard as he can with his baby talons. No joke this baby can do some damage, and he will laugh about it the whole time.