Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A love letter to Lincoln: ~from your mommy

Lincoln Atlas,

My baby boy! My first son. I love you so much little guy. Right now we are getting ready for a big big change in the family, and I have been thinking so much about you lately. I want you to know that our love for you will never change. Your daddy and I promise that this new baby is not going to replace you in any way. Our family is only going to grow with more love and happiness and running around having fun with one more person around, sounds cool huh? You can be a good teacher and big brother, I just know it! Your going to love this new baby once it is old enough to play with you. You are such a smart little guy, and you have impacted so many peoples lives already with your fun
crazy life! That will never change buddy. So many people love you and tell me everyday that they love having you around, or miss seeing your face (especially all our family in NC).
I love that you are talking so much now. You teach me new things everyday. You have shown me so much more to life than I ever thought was possible. You really are my everything, Lincoln. I think you know it too! I would do anything for you baby. I am sorry if you read this when your older, and you think I am so cheesy. I just want to hold you close right now, and let you know how much you are loved, and how much that is NOT going to change once this new baby comes. Yes, things will be different around here, for a while it will take some getting used to and adjusting. But things will calm back down and I will do my best to make sure you understand everything that is going on. I just wanted to write down how I am feeling with this new change coming up, so I can remember exactly how it felt on the verge of a big family change, from three to FOUR!! We love you so much Lincoln. Always. Just like you say to me all the time Lincoln; "you protect me, mommy?" yes Lincoln, I will
protect you. "Always, mommy?" Yes Lincoln. ALWAYS!!!!!!
And your favorite song to sing to me when you think I am sad or hurt; "Don't worry bout a ting, cause its gonna be alright" (that's exactly how you say it to me) :) Love you little dude.
~Your Mommy

Friday, November 19, 2010

A father and his son.

I wanted to post this video.

We went to an empty parking lot next to an outdoor "park", and Lincoln just really enjoyed himself. This is one of his favorite things to do.... just be outside, running free and spending time with his daddy exploring the outdoors. Check it out.

Time is quickly running out!!!!

HolyMoley!!!! I am 37 weeks today! I feel like I am in a race against the clock! Thanksgiving is next week, followed by lots of tests and finals week, and my due date!! I already feel so huge and swollen, I do not know how much longer this baby will hang in there. I tried to take a picture the other night (despite the fact that my camera broke :(- ) And the pants do not fit, and my belly is hanging out the bottom of the shirt its pretty hilarious(ly gross). Needless to say I didnt post that pic on facebook!! HAHAHA.... yeah. I have so many things I need to finish before baby comes too!
*Need to get a dresser for all these baby clothes I have been washing and getting ready!!!
*Need to thouroughly clean and sanitize the tub and bathroom, and really get down and clean everything hardcore.... since we will be having this baby at home!!
*Have to order our birth kit of stuff... its only like $40 bucks... but alas, we are broke.
*Have to spend few precious days/weeks left with my only child, Lincoln!!!!
*Want to paint my toenails
*Gotta go get the pregnancy massage my sister got me for my bday!!!!! (this is on the list to do for next week!!!)
*Need to finish thank you notes for my peeps who threw me a surprise baby shower last Sunday
*Want to get out for a solo date with my hubby- one. last. time. before the chaos assumes
*Must figure out a for sure name for this baby if the gender is a boy (girls name is already in place)
*Oh yeah, and gotta pull my Pathophysiology grade up! Test the monday after thanksgiving!
*Wanna make some labor-aide and have that ready along with some great labor snacks and drinks... anyone have a recipe for the labor-aide, or have suggestions on things they wanted during labor?
*Need to stop freaking out about pictures/and or video during the labor and just assume its gonna work itself out
*Totally need to give the dogs a good good bath and wash out their cages... its been bothering me
*Fit in some rest, these ankles and feet are starting to meld into each other....ewwwww
* Want to make/freeze some dinners to have pre-made before new baby comes and I will not have as much time to cook
*Learning how to become superwomen and be in more than one place at a time would help.

Is anyone else overwhelmed yet????

I really am trying not to be. I am absolutely loving this pregnancy, it is all just coming to an end so fast here, and I want to savor everything about it... the way our family is now and how everything is going to shift!!!! Yikes. Scary and exciting.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Super Powerful Birthing Words!!!

I saw this in another birthing blog I love to follow.... I don't know who wrote it, but I find the words really really comforting and super powerful!!! Read on!

My body has the divine ability to grow a perfect child within it.
Without conscious thought it builds an amazing organ, the placenta, to help grow and feed my baby.
My body and my baby tell me what healthy foods they need to function and grow.
I listen to their promptings.
As my baby grows my body changes.
I embrace the roundness,the curves, the fertility that shows the power within.
I welcome the softness of my breasts and abdomen and legs because it shows how perfectly I am preparing to grow and feed this baby.
I take time to slow down, rest, and care for my baby and my body without guilt, knowing that it is for the best.
As I get closer to the time of birth I enjoy the last few weeks and days with the baby inside me.
I love her close presence, her constant reminders she is there and her growth.
As I get heavier I look forward to the moment of birth, recognizing that my body gets less comfortable so that I will embrace what I once feared: labor.
I wait for the baby to grow until it is ready to meet me.
I know that this baby will come when it is ready.
I love being able to give my baby time to grow to her full potential.
I trust her time table.
As labor begins I embrace the next step on my journey to motherhood.
I am not afraid.
I am powerful.
I hear nothing else but my body and my baby as they tell me how to move and dance to make her entry more joyful.
I embrace the sensations.
They are strong, they are work, they are preparing me for motherhood.
I am not afraid.
I am powerful.
I feel my body open to let the baby out.
I feel the baby move down as my body helps her come to our family.
I accept what is overwhelming.
Giving in to my birth makes me more powerful.
I roar my baby out.
What seemed impossible is done.
It is more that perfect.
It is as close as I will get to the divine creative power.
I embrace the slippery, perfect child.
I am a mother.