Meet the Pace Fam

Meet Zack :
Hardcore daddy/baby catcher
Awesome manager
Video game enthusiast
Leader of the Pace pack

Meet Jess:
Birth and Baby Advocate
Mommy to three boys
Doula with aspirations to become a Nurse Midwife
Loves to do things out of the normal parenting "box"

Meet Lincoln:
Thrives under the center of attention
Ball of energy
Giggle box
Sweet sweet little maniac

Meet Asher:  
Has a kind heart and a loving soul
Wants to be just like his big brother
Enjoys his mommy mama milk 
Is a terrific 2 year old with an epic scream 

Meet Marsden:
Newest tiny addition
Born unassisted in the bathroom
Caught by daddy
He is a vampire baby~ up all night drinking!