Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Lincoln Post

I figured its about time for an update on all things Lincoln Pace!!!!!

Lets see.
physical stats:
Weight: about 29.5 lbs
Height: haha about up to my belly button
Clothes sizes: 2t shirts and bigger, can wear 18 and 2t pants, his legs are shorter so pants tend to run big still at this point, thank goodness for those adjustable jeans!
Shoe size: 7 (his feet are always getting stinky :))
Skin: still gets rashes pretty often, on face most especially breakouts like little pimples. Also gets rashes if clothes are washed in any different detergent. I switched to Tom's all natural soap and have seen a HUGE difference in the overall smoothness of his skin.
Teeth: seem to be all there, and healthy. Havent gone to a dentist yet, not sure about the appropriate time to actually do that???
Hair: has had one major hair cut with Melissa, I trimmed the front about a month ago, now Im letting it do its thing again, he just looks too adorable with long hair! Its still pretty blond, but I would say it is more dirty blond now.
Eyes: Beautiful blue, strangers still comment about how gorgeous they are!
Strength: last month he picked up a 7lb dumbell and brought it from floor to chest about 16 times! He is a very strong boy, can lift big exercise balls above his head. He will be a very naturally strong boy that is for sure!!!
Sleep schedule: He wakes up about 830 or 9, naps at 2 usually for about 3 hours. Goes to bed at.....whatever time we lay down. Its a process in the works right now.

Attitude: he is very strong willed just like his mommy and daddy! We def can get into it sometimes, with the whole not listening thing. He has plans of his own! But we work on this everyday... sometimes the best thing for me to do is ignore it, sometimes I have to pop him a good little spanking, and sometimes its just a time out. All have the right place/time in effectiveness for this little "terrible" two (at times). But he can be the sweetest little lover boy, and it makes up for the times when he gets defiant.
Likes: his toy story, cars, and wall-e movies. He loves to play with his buzz lightyear toys. He likes dora and diego cartoons best, and we are always singing the theme songs together. He loves bath time, loves playing hide and seek, and running across the living room with daddy. He enjoys the outdoors more than anything, and most days I try to get out of the house with him. Being the center of a crowd of 10 or 15 ppl doesnt bother him in the least bit, he LOVES being the center of attention, and craves our attention all the time!Getting his picture taken, and seeing how he looks in the picture. Food-wise, he is very picky at this point. Fruits and chicken are his fav. He loves hot dogs, cheese, sausage, eggs, pork (cause he thinks it is chicken), cereal, pop-tarts, and anything sweet. Basically that is what he eats right now. We work with him on veggies, but its a struggle... so for now its V8 fusion!
Dislikes: Spiders, Being told no, Sharing his toys (but getting better every week), Getting water poured over his head, the dark and being alone, and messes

Speech: this little dude says everything! He speaks very well. He tells me full sentences for things he wants usually. He says his please and thank yous! When there is a word he might not know we help him learn it. Likes to ask "what you doing here?" tells me to "get off computer and come play toys with me!" " Mommy, I'll hold you"(meaning pick me up)
Learning: he knows his abc's really well at this point, he sings it all the time, but usually skips a few while singing it hah but when practicing it with mommy he knows it. We are working on shapes, he knows triangles and circles best. He does still have a problem with colors. At this point I think it might be something like color-blindness, or maybe just a complete disinterest in learning them. When we practice our colors, which is almost daily, he just doesnt seem to get it, time will tell with this one. He counts really well though, can count to 14. Again he skips around when singing them, but when practicing with mommy he knows the sequence of counting things. We work on coloring, he does well, but its not his favorite activity, he would rather be throwing a ball, like most boys probably.
Physically: He runs and jumps, with one and two legs. Can hop and skip, and walk up stairs not to steep without holding my hand. Tries to swim in the bath tub.
Potty training: Does extremely well when at home and no diaper on, can even pee standing up, thanks to Zack haha. Otherwise when we are out in public he will tell me if he poops.... but afterwards. I havent figured a good method for potty training when not at home. So I dont think he will be out of diapers by the time new baby comes in december. I just am not the best teacher on this, and honestly dont want to push it too hard. He is still just shy of 2 and a half, Im not rushing.
Preparation for new baby: We talk about the baby in mommy's belly all the time. He rubs my belly and talks to baby. He tries to feed baby through my belly button. He has watched birth videos with me, and sees (but I dont know how much he understands) that the baby comes out of me. I plan to have him fully present for the birth, he can be a super nurturer when I am sick or in pain, says, "mommy you hurt? You alright?" and it will be interesting to see how he handles it all.

Dude, I totally love this little man, and I know he has a lot of other people that do too. Im excited to see how much he is going to grow and change more throughout the next couple months and years. I couldnt ask for a cooler kid!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Minivan mom??? I think not.

Ok. SO I am only 24. I feel like if we jump off the deep end and purchase a minivan now... there is NO GOING BACK. I will officially be middle aged. Like total soccer mom, uncool, old person. Is it dumb for me to feel this way? Possibly yes. But I just have this stupid pre-conceived notion that minivans=uncoolness at 24. When your like 35... its totally fine, and probably expected. I mean they are so much more economical when you have a big family. Even with ours expanding here soon, we can still fit us all in a small car, but then no one else can ride with us. I wont be able to drive my sisters around or friends anywhere.
But I have been coveting a cool-ass crossover vehicle like the kia sorrento, lately. I mean look at how cool this thing is. And it has 3rd row seating so its like just as much seating as a minivan.

I know it may be silly, but I just cant do it, I cant be a minivan mom yet. I have rushed through my 20's so fast already and having two kids and being married five years at this point does not make me feel any younger. Believe me people, I don't think there is anything wrong with you owning a minivan. I wish I had that much confidence in myself to own one proudly. BUT I don't. I am not saying it is not going to happen for us, it might, especially since the price seems right. But I just can not shake the feeling that the first time I sit in that thing I am going to officially be middle-aged.