Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy 2010!

Well the end of 2009 has come and gone... along with my drive to do anything productive (except for reading the trueblood book series lol) But here I am sitting next to my 20 month old son.... watching Finding Nemo.... his absolute obsession right now. He wants to watch it everyday and if he cant he throws a screaming crying fit!

We had a great trip to NC over Christmas break, spending some much needed time with Mimi and Uncle Z and Uncle Clay! We got Lincolns professional pictures taken, we went to jumpin beans, we even visited the beach and aquarium! Lincolns vocab has improved TONS! He is a little blabber mouth repeating everything we say! He always says, "Wheres daddy" "daddy at wooowrk" and he sings lady gagas song "paparazzi" and its so cute and hilarious, i have to get it on video! Ill post some pictures of Christmas soon but for now Im going to post a few of Lincolns professional pictures he just got taken, they turned out great! Thanks to Rebecca, here is her website if you wanna see all her other awesome work