Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Baby Marsden is 6 months old!

I am late to the game with this post! Marsden is about 6.5 months and is just doing so well! I swear he has some new skill every week. I am just amazed at his beautiful soul. His smile. His laugh. He is just pure joy! I love watching him discover. Seeing him stare and giggle at his big brothers. He is pulling up to stand on everything! He is getting so strong, trying to reach and step for things juuuust out of reach. He has already had so many tumbles! I love wearing him on my back in the MeiTai right now. He is very patient when I throw him on my back, and loves being able to see everything all around us. We have not done any solids yet but he is so interested! I'm thinking it will happen within a month or two here. I am in no rush to start solids, and he is already getting so super chunky and round without them! Marsden is a nursing machine. He loves his paci at night and sleeps very very well through the night. He eats paper all the time, and I have to constantly follow after him crawling around eating dirty things off my floors!
Get ready for an insane amount of videos and pictures.  I love documenting how he grows and changes.
One Month! 

Two Months! 

Three Months!
Four Months!

Five Months!

Six Months!

and some videos I have taken over the past few months! :)





Happy 6 months Marsden! Love all that you bring to our family!
 (ps mommy says please slow down!)