Monday, July 27, 2009

Feeling a little.... blissful!!!!

We just put our son to bed. It was like something out of a movie... Just a perfect moment that I wish I could remember forever. I am in love with these two guys in my life... my son and my hubby. They make everything complete.
We just played for like 30 minutes together in his room, in the ball pit and attacking him with kisses. Then we read a few bedtime stories, laughing and reading together. It was just perfect. I am worried about when school starts!! I wont be able to see Lincoln hardly at all! Oh it makes me so sad. I know I will be "bettering" myself by getting through school, but for now it doesnt seem worth it to loose that time with my son! I can do this, I know I have to, cause in the long run it will make things better. But for now I will just complain about it :)
Here are some awesome pics of my son and our little family together.....

Luvn life right now,

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