Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rotton to the core!!!

Ok, I might be exaggerating here a little bit. But lately it seems like the rotton temper tantrums that my little toddler is throwing are outnumbering the fun smiling times. Its rough!!! He has always been so fun and happy and lovey! But the past few weeks for the most part... well... its a little bit like this:
and this:
and here is another classic mad face he makes:
Screaming at mama:

Obviously disgusted with me:
He doesnt even want hugs from his friends!!:

Whew. What do I do?? I play with him and give him abundant hugs and kisses. I feel like there is a root to this problem, or maybe its just that he is starting to discover the new feelings of anger and frustration. But I feel like he doesnt want me around alot. I know it sounds silly about a little 15 month old. But he tries to bite me all the time. He hits his hands at my face and says "dont" (sounds more like "dow" and its so cute). He also says that when we are trying to feed him or do anything he doesnt want to do. I just dont want him to grow into being one of those mean boys you see running around pushing and being mean to people on the playground!!

Anyone have any good suggestions for me?? Im stuck on this one

Feeling a little bit frustrated myself,


  1. Honestly- I don't have any advice for you. But if you find some, send it my way. Let me just say though, you're not the only one with a rotten 15/16 month old. Davin is the same way lately. Hopefully we'll get through this age without killing our children- or sending them off to slavery on a whim.

    <3 Dee

  2. Geez Jessica, I really don't know what to say. Logan is not completely like this yet but he's getting there. What do you do? For me really all I can think of is to do what you are doing, just love on him. Try to play with him, even if he doesn't want you there, stay in the vicinity so if he chooses, he can play with you. If you know something will set him off, be prepared to redirect if you can. At 1.5 he is not going to grow up and be one of those mean kids, don't worry about that for a couple of years at least!!

  3. Awww Jessica, a rough time for sure! Definitely keep loving on him! He is beginning to test you... it seems young, but you'd be amazed what kids at this age are capable of. It doesn't mean he is a terrible child or going to grow up to be a mean kid... he's just normal! In fact, I'd be more worried if he DIDN'T go through this phase! Any child psychologist will tell you that kids WANT to be disciplined. He is just entering that phase where he is beginning to test the limits to see what kind of a reaction he will get. Might be time to introduce small amounts of discipline. Just make sure to be extremely consistent or he will get confused. It is SO HARD to carry it out because it's hard to know how much he can understand at this point. You will learn the true meaning of "This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you." (not that you have to spank him... just whatever form of discipline you choose will probably hurt your heart more than it will hurt him... he'll forget about it in a few minutes!) Hang in there girl! You're doing an awesome job!