Thursday, September 2, 2010

Minivan mom??? I think not.

Ok. SO I am only 24. I feel like if we jump off the deep end and purchase a minivan now... there is NO GOING BACK. I will officially be middle aged. Like total soccer mom, uncool, old person. Is it dumb for me to feel this way? Possibly yes. But I just have this stupid pre-conceived notion that minivans=uncoolness at 24. When your like 35... its totally fine, and probably expected. I mean they are so much more economical when you have a big family. Even with ours expanding here soon, we can still fit us all in a small car, but then no one else can ride with us. I wont be able to drive my sisters around or friends anywhere.
But I have been coveting a cool-ass crossover vehicle like the kia sorrento, lately. I mean look at how cool this thing is. And it has 3rd row seating so its like just as much seating as a minivan.

I know it may be silly, but I just cant do it, I cant be a minivan mom yet. I have rushed through my 20's so fast already and having two kids and being married five years at this point does not make me feel any younger. Believe me people, I don't think there is anything wrong with you owning a minivan. I wish I had that much confidence in myself to own one proudly. BUT I don't. I am not saying it is not going to happen for us, it might, especially since the price seems right. But I just can not shake the feeling that the first time I sit in that thing I am going to officially be middle-aged.


  1. I love the minivan and hopefully it will hold out another 2-3 years. If I had to buy another one right now I think I would go for the KIA model or the sorrento. It's a space thing. I HAVE to have space in the vehicle. Go for the crossover if you can. It's really pretty and spacious. :)

  2. I'll be 26 in a week, and we're getting to the point of needing a mini van with only 2 kids. It was a sad, sad day for me when I finally admitted that to myself.

  3. there is nothing that i hate more than getting behind a minivan.....i loathe them! i know, i know, im a hater. i would rather walk with a thorn stuck in my heel or have two broken hands and have mosquitoe bites all over than own one or drive behind they are rule abiders to the extreme, they feel like they own the fast lane and must make everyone abide by the speed limit by hogging, u cant see past them,theyre normally too busy with all the commotion inside the big 'house on wheels' that they dont pay attention to outside their h.o.w to notice all the pissed off people around thesis on why i hate minivans. lol no...i will never own one.just as iwill never sport a pair of ugly ass crocs shoes lol