Friday, January 14, 2011

Cherish. Every. Moment.

Loving every second with my boys

Wearing baby.

Feeding baby-the best way I know how
Aunt Nana holding Asher for the first time! 

First time leaving the house, 6 days old

First night together. On the futon where Asher was born

First family of four Christmas pic

Asher's 1st Christmas

Nana and mommy giving him a sponge bath

Making Christmas cookies with my toddler for santa

adding sprinkles!

First smile caught. 2 weeks.

getting foot prints

daddy toes, just like Lincoln too

What I love about this moment in time right now:
  •  Snuggling Lincoln before naps and bedtime, its our special time together. Reading books and looking at pictures till he falls asleep. 
  • Holding my newborn close, all the time (and wearing him in my sling and wraps). 
  • The intoxicating smell of Asher, our newborn (now 5 weeks). Its his sweet booby milk breath :)
  • The silly grunting noises Asher makes
  • Lincolns silly licking sprees, its a sign of infection. I think he picked it up from the dogs :)
  • When Lincoln says "I hold you" or "I love you too more" 
  • Seeing my hubby and my two boys all sleeping in the bed, while I am pumping. Its so sweet. They all snore. HA
  • How Asher's eyes get real big when I talk to him. Its the surprised look, so cute.
  • Lincoln's love for all things spiderman, toy story, and cars
  • The silly faces my boys can make. They are just like their father. 
  • Trying to get used to having two boys, going out by myself-whew its hard. 
  • Nursing Asher, and Lincoln coming up asking for some mommy milk
  • Lincoln giving Asher sweet kisses and rubbing his crazy hair. 
  • The look of Ashers hair after a bath-HAHA it sticks straight up like he got shocked 
  • How happy and content I feel with my family, and the love we have for each other


  1. I hope its a sign of affection not infection :-P

  2. hahahaha just caught that. Hey thats what happens when your typing one handed!