Thursday, October 6, 2011

Slightly odd and random family facts

  •  I have Ornithophobia- an abnormal, irrational fear of birds. Seagulls terrify me the worst though. 
  • When I was 18 and got my first tattoo on a whim with my friend Melissa, I did a back handspring in the tattoo shop for the artists. I was such a show-off and a flirt.  

  • Would have been an astrounaut in another life, he loves all things space
  • Is currently writing his own comic book
  • Has a third nipple, no joke, its pretty badass.
  • Is a little obsessed with his peepee and poopoo right now. Will compare sizes of said excrement and tell me things like, "oh, look at that one that was a daddy sized poop, oh there was the little baby sized poop"


  • Obsessed with all things boob shaped. He will test it out with his mouth first, always, and in public. Makes me giggle. 
  • Thinks its funny to pull on your lips and scratch you and grab you as hard as he can with his baby talons. No joke this baby can do some damage, and he will laugh about it the whole time.

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