Friday, May 10, 2013

The hazy daze

  It has taken me more than a week to actually write this post. These newborn days and weeks are flying by so very fast. I am trying to get into a groove with my three littles these days. My first four weeks all I did/wanted to do was lay in bed and snuggle and soak up my sweet newborn. I received a lot of help from some amazing friends and family. My boys have watched too much tv these past few weeks but I am working on getting us out of that habit. Id love to write a little on each of my 3 little birdies and what life is like for them at this stage. Because, I really do feel like I am coming out of a fog and I know it will be hard to remember all these sweet details about life after baby number 3!

Let's start with Marsden~

  • As you can tell I take SO MANY PICS of my little munchkin 
  • He is slowly transitioning from having his days and nights totally mixed up
  • Sleeps so so much
  • Doesnt seem to react differently when I drink caffeine, YES! 
  • Has has a pretty bad gassy tummy issue some nights, and we have to burp him a lot and do little baby sit ups and bicycles
  • Some nights are horrible and he screams hours on end, other nights he sleeps so long and only wakes to eat! 
  • I love the wrinkles on the bottom of his feets and how incredibly soft his head is. I cant stop smelling him all the time and staring at this beautiful creation. 
  • Has an amazing smile, reacts to our voices and smiles so big with his scrunched up top lip 
  • Is 5 weeks old, still fits in newborn, and starting in some 0-3 month clothes 
  • His life is well documented via Instagram ;) 


  • 29 months old!
  • Full on into his "terrific twos". Head strong, and likes telling me NO these days. 
  • He is OBSESSED with drinking mama milk whenever he can since Mars was born. He has his special side and it comforts him and lets him know mama still loves him. 
  • Says the cutest and funniest things. I am trying to record him more and more because he really sounds so adorable. 
  • Working on counting more and talking about all that he sees. He especially likes to show his muscles and how fast he can run, just like his big brother


  • Has awesome style, likes to dress himself everyday
  • Can be the most loving sweet man to me, hugging and all
  • Has really come into his own independence these past few months. He eats when he is hungry, knows what he wants and is getting so self sufficient. 
  • Totally excited for school this coming fall, we talk about it a lot these days and work on little things like word recognition and counting money
  • Has some really great friends and he talks about them all the time. He is such a social butterfly and would choose to see friends everyday if we could. I love that about him. 

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