Friday, February 26, 2010


Just gonna throw this out there.........................


Dont really mix together when you have a child prone to throwing up!!! It was a yucky disaster this morning when I woke up to see a sticky boy covered in red vomit all over himself and the bed. Im not sure if this is full blown sick now since he has been randomnly vomiting like this for some time now, or if he just has a really bad gag reflux!! I dont know what to do! Someone help me out :(


  1. Could he have acid reflux? Have you discussed this with his Pediatrician? I do know that some acidic foods can take a little longer for them to digest, so maybe he had too many acids in his GI? Hope he feels better.

  2. No I have never actually discussed that with is doctor before but that is def a possibility, he has always seem to have trouble keeping things down. Thanks!!

  3. Jessi you said his vomit was red? Blood red or something he ate red? it could be red dye he can't tolerate. You should discus it with your doctor.