Tuesday, April 20, 2010

YAY! I can do this! Here we go!

I posted this on my facebook about two weeks ago... kinda announcing my second pregnancy to all my friends and family. I kinda wanted to write out how I have been feeling and my thoughts about where I am right now, just so I can always look back at this.

Its been so different this pregnancy. I think I am somewhere around 5 or 6 weeks, but I feel no rush to have to find out right now. I am very nauseous continually all throughout the day. Last time I would just throw up and be done and I have not thrown up once yet. I am sleepy all day, and just want to hang out with Lincoln the whole day.... I hate being away from him. I want to enjoy everyday of this pregnancy and everyday that I get to grow this baby in my belly!

Most of all I am obsessed with MAKING THIS BIRTH DIFFERENT! Making this birth what I WANT.... what I KNOW MY BODY CAN DO! I will take control of this birth experience, for me and for this baby!!! I will not see a doctor if I can help it. I want to have the full midwife experience, I know that it is just as safe to deliver in the hands of a midwife... even safer actually, than if I were to go back to that god forsaken hospital. I cant do that again.

I just keep saying to myself... VBAC VBAC VBAC VBAC VBAC VBAC VBAC! I know I can do it.

Here are a couple really empowering websites that I have been visiting for the past 2 years since the birth of my son:





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