Friday, November 19, 2010

Time is quickly running out!!!!

HolyMoley!!!! I am 37 weeks today! I feel like I am in a race against the clock! Thanksgiving is next week, followed by lots of tests and finals week, and my due date!! I already feel so huge and swollen, I do not know how much longer this baby will hang in there. I tried to take a picture the other night (despite the fact that my camera broke :(- ) And the pants do not fit, and my belly is hanging out the bottom of the shirt its pretty hilarious(ly gross). Needless to say I didnt post that pic on facebook!! HAHAHA.... yeah. I have so many things I need to finish before baby comes too!
*Need to get a dresser for all these baby clothes I have been washing and getting ready!!!
*Need to thouroughly clean and sanitize the tub and bathroom, and really get down and clean everything hardcore.... since we will be having this baby at home!!
*Have to order our birth kit of stuff... its only like $40 bucks... but alas, we are broke.
*Have to spend few precious days/weeks left with my only child, Lincoln!!!!
*Want to paint my toenails
*Gotta go get the pregnancy massage my sister got me for my bday!!!!! (this is on the list to do for next week!!!)
*Need to finish thank you notes for my peeps who threw me a surprise baby shower last Sunday
*Want to get out for a solo date with my hubby- one. last. time. before the chaos assumes
*Must figure out a for sure name for this baby if the gender is a boy (girls name is already in place)
*Oh yeah, and gotta pull my Pathophysiology grade up! Test the monday after thanksgiving!
*Wanna make some labor-aide and have that ready along with some great labor snacks and drinks... anyone have a recipe for the labor-aide, or have suggestions on things they wanted during labor?
*Need to stop freaking out about pictures/and or video during the labor and just assume its gonna work itself out
*Totally need to give the dogs a good good bath and wash out their cages... its been bothering me
*Fit in some rest, these ankles and feet are starting to meld into each other....ewwwww
* Want to make/freeze some dinners to have pre-made before new baby comes and I will not have as much time to cook
*Learning how to become superwomen and be in more than one place at a time would help.

Is anyone else overwhelmed yet????

I really am trying not to be. I am absolutely loving this pregnancy, it is all just coming to an end so fast here, and I want to savor everything about it... the way our family is now and how everything is going to shift!!!! Yikes. Scary and exciting.

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