Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A love letter to Lincoln: ~from your mommy

Lincoln Atlas,

My baby boy! My first son. I love you so much little guy. Right now we are getting ready for a big big change in the family, and I have been thinking so much about you lately. I want you to know that our love for you will never change. Your daddy and I promise that this new baby is not going to replace you in any way. Our family is only going to grow with more love and happiness and running around having fun with one more person around, sounds cool huh? You can be a good teacher and big brother, I just know it! Your going to love this new baby once it is old enough to play with you. You are such a smart little guy, and you have impacted so many peoples lives already with your fun
crazy life! That will never change buddy. So many people love you and tell me everyday that they love having you around, or miss seeing your face (especially all our family in NC).
I love that you are talking so much now. You teach me new things everyday. You have shown me so much more to life than I ever thought was possible. You really are my everything, Lincoln. I think you know it too! I would do anything for you baby. I am sorry if you read this when your older, and you think I am so cheesy. I just want to hold you close right now, and let you know how much you are loved, and how much that is NOT going to change once this new baby comes. Yes, things will be different around here, for a while it will take some getting used to and adjusting. But things will calm back down and I will do my best to make sure you understand everything that is going on. I just wanted to write down how I am feeling with this new change coming up, so I can remember exactly how it felt on the verge of a big family change, from three to FOUR!! We love you so much Lincoln. Always. Just like you say to me all the time Lincoln; "you protect me, mommy?" yes Lincoln, I will
protect you. "Always, mommy?" Yes Lincoln. ALWAYS!!!!!!
And your favorite song to sing to me when you think I am sad or hurt; "Don't worry bout a ting, cause its gonna be alright" (that's exactly how you say it to me) :) Love you little dude.
~Your Mommy

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  1. I love this girlie!! And I also can not wait to meet this new little person!Love ya!