Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Our thoughts on homebirth 3 months postpartum

I wanted to reflect on my thoughts about homebirth 3 months postpartum. Have I changed my mind about it at all? Would I still choose to labor and birth at home if I could go back in time? Read on....

I loved everything about being able to labor and birth in my own home. I felt safe and I loved. I knew that I was doing the best thing for my baby. To be born into a peaceful environment, without the influence of drugs, and into the arms of people who love you. What could be better? Everything about my birth is reflected into Asher's little personality. He is such a loving, sweet sweet little guy. Peaceful and calm until he is hungry. Loves being in my arms and just looking up into my eyes. He is just such an all natural little baby, intact, and growing up on just my breastmilk. It all stems from just being informed on the best things for my baby. I only wish I would have been smart enough to make these decisions with my first, and I will forever live with the "mistakes" I have made (and both my son and I have the scars to prove it). I have grown from them and vowed to do things different with my second.
   If you have the right people surrounding you, a knowledgeable midwife, a helpful doula, loving family and/or friends, and you are a healthy woman with lots of information about birth, then I think homebirth is the best option for you, I know it was for me. I was saying with in days of the birth that I would do it again, all because of that release of hormones that make you feel strong and amazing! I felt like a superwoman/superhero for weeks, and still do. I could take on the world if it meant saving my family.

Here are my boys, just hours after Asher's birth. Asleep in their own home. Asher hasn't had any pokes or prodes. No unnecessary injections or blood drawn.  No strange people handling him, or bright lights blinding him. Just family and friends, and love, love, love.

 My Hubby's POV:
From the hubby's point of view i would from now on always do a homebirth.  Being able to enjoy a birth from  the comfort of your own home is a blessing and will always be the preferred method from my family from now on. I felt it was just as safe, if not safer than being in a hospital. I felt so much relief when my boy was born into our arms. I loved helping Jess through her contractions while she was in labor, it was awesome, I felt like I was participating and able to help somehow. 

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  1. No need for regret : ) focus on your absolutely beautiful, loving family! Not all are as blessed : )

    Love the pictures : )