Friday, March 4, 2011

March 2011 Goals

March 2011 Goals 

  • Lose another 10 lbs (Zack)

  • Work out at least 3 times a week (Jess)

  • Find a security job in NC. Not retail. (Zack)

  • Stick to the 30 day challenge for the month of March, no fast food or soda! 

  • Get a B on a Patho test

  • Get that sweet baby boy Asher latched on the stupid left side boob, dangit. 

  •  Work with Lincoln on his colors, and do at least on sit down teaching session a day for 30 minutes, whether it be his ABCs, colors, writing, puzzles, or just learning about the way something works.

  • Get Lincoln to sleep in his own toddler bed in our room!

  • Apply for scholarships, and send in application for the doula workshop in july :)


 Review of

February 2011 Goals

Family goals for the month of February, 2011:
  •  Read one book off my list of required reading towards becoming a doula. First one on the list is The Birth Partner. (Jess)     Awesome book! Ive started on 2 more books for the doula workshop
  • Buy Browns Seasons Tickets (Zack) Put a down payment on em!
  • Start a chore chart for Lincoln  epic fail. didnt even attempt this
  • Go outside and make snow angels, and take pictures   Succesfully took pics in snow, but no snow angels tho
  • Take at least 200 pictures this month- you really can never take enough when you have little ones growing so fast!!!
  • Lose another 10 lbs (Zack)
  • Start working out (Jess)  does once count?
  • Get a grade of at least a B on a Patho test   seriously, patho will be the death of me
  • Try out a toddler gymnastics class at Flytz gym  went to sign him up and they were closed
  • Start on Lincoln's 3 year video for his birthday  didnt do it at all
  • Get Asher to latch on my left side        almost did, he latched a few times.  He still hates it tho.
  • Get Asher's weight up to at least 10 lbs (eat, baby, eat)    Yay, my boy is starting to chub up!! :)
  • Work on cleaning as I go, get better at being a "house-wife" (Jess)  Always can work on this tho


  1. How's Asher doing with the latching on the left? Hope it's getting better. OH, try Twister with Lincoln. It's a great way to teach the basic colors as well as right and left. :) AND the dollar tree store has these great sesame street work books for preschoolers that are only a dollar!

  2. Thanks Atije! I will try that with Lincoln. And the left side is still not going great. :( Gonna keep trekking tho, and pumping whenever I can.