Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Accidental first food!

Asher just accidentally tried his first food! A strawberry. I gave him one to gum on to soothe his toofers, and he figured out how to nosh a chunk off it!!!! :) He was pleasantly surprised, and so was I. Pics coming soon. Asher is 6 months and two weeks old, and is quite a little chunky monkey living off breastmilk alone. Excited for this new chapter in his life...introducing solids, but we are going to take it slow. He is doing just fine on his own.

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  1. LOVED reading your birth story!! I so wish I could do a homebirth! There are no midwives here that will do a 1st time VBAC homebirth. So, I will still have to give birth in a hospital, but at least I can have a VBAC & not a c-section again! Your birth story was so encouraging and as I get closer to our baby's delivery, I may think of some questions for you! Thanks so much for sharing your precious day!