Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Boys, slow down!

      This time period in my life I will remember forever. It has been extremely challenging, but rewarding at the same time. Not being near Zack, being more broke then ever before, having no house no place to call my own, and so many other worries that honestly I do not want to dwell on right now. But this uninterrupted time with my boys is priceless. I am probably taking it for granted that I am able to be home with them, but hearing them both snoring next to me now makes me smile and feel happy. Happiness seems few and far between these days, but I am working on it. 


Lincoln practicing his ring bearing. Photo by Amanda Kirk.

A few months later, at Mimis house

  •        I just can not get down how to parent my 3 year old. I KNOW how to parent a newborn/baby, Attachment Parenting works for them so easy, you just respond to their needs, but it is such a different story with a toddler. Or, maybe it is just his specific personality. He is energetic, strong-willed, determined, stubborn, and loves attention. It makes for a hard combination.So, I am doing what I can. Trying to be consistent. Trying to be firm and at the same time show him I love him. I see so many women able to never yell, spank, or punish thier children. I strive to be like that, but in all honesty it is a tough battle. The kid will not, and I mean NOT respond to my gentle parenting, even a stern voice, or me trying to bargain or reason with him.... NOPE! So this is my current battle with my blondie boy. This, and the potty using, which I fear will not be happening anytime soon despite my efforts.
  • Today we went to target and got a bunch of $1 toys and books and are putting together "potty prizes" yay! lol, My whole thinking on the reason he is 3.5 years old and nowhere close to potty trained is 1.) He loves the attention I have to give him when it is time for a diaper change. 2.) I think he actually likes the feeling of poop all squished up on his ass. 3.) Maybe he has like poop seperation anxiety or something, who knows?
  • This boy can show some love, though. Gah, he can hug and kiss you and make you feel all warm and fuzzy and it makes up for all the frustration I have been feeling with him lately. 
  • He is so smart, remembering things by picture and his vocabulary is increasing everyday. 
  • He really enjoys running. Loves being outdoors and playing with the dogs, or some frogs.
  • Lincoln also likes watching hims some Veggie Tales, when mama needs to get a shower in or wants to just chill for a little bit, ya know. 
  • I think he is/would be ready for school, if only he could get the potty thing down. Mentally I feel he is ready, and it would be good for him to be around some other kids, see how they are listening and obeying the teachers and also how they use the potty.  
  • I think he weighs about 32 lbs now, but he looks so skinny...with abs. 
  • Some things he says alot right now, "are you mine?", while pretending to hold a phone up, "daddy, your on speaker phone, dont talk like that, alright, ok!", "mommy, your my son". He says "this is ridicurous", or im terrifying, starting to use big descriptive words... and pick up on some not so good words. Yikes, gotta really really watch what we say around him right now.
  • Loves playing hi ho cherry oh, go fish, and matching games with me now 
  • Sees the neighbor girls at Mimis house and says" I see my gerwls!" Loves playing with other kids his age, just hasnt had much opportunity to do it very often lately.


Sweet 8 month old. At Mimi's house

beautiful picture from my sister's wedding. Photo by Amanda Kirk

  • Asher is about 19 lbs right now. He is crazy chunky, and oh so delicious! 
  • My sweet little hippy quiet baby is starting to get his personality. He gets mad when Lincoln takes a toy from him, and will let out a wail. He is still so studious and attentive but is definitely more charismatic when it comes to some things. 
  • He has had an on again off again rash for the past three months. It got so bad we had to take him to urgent care since it was bleeding profusely. 
  • He has tried alot of different solids and will nosh and gum them but for the most part this boy really just loves loves loves his momma milk.
  • Falls asleep pretty well, but still shuffles and moves alot in his sleep...waking himself up and crying. 
  • In the middle of switching him to cloth diapers, once we have moved fully we will start it full time. Thanks Atije I cant wait to try them out on him! 
  • This is definitely in an oral stage, everything goes into the mouth! Everything he can pick up he tries to eat. 
  • He giggles and gets so excited to see Lincoln, its the best seeing the brothers together.

Boys! You are growing so fast, and getting so big.... slow down please, so I can remember it all.

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