Thursday, August 4, 2011

It's Mama's Milk Week!

Asher has been exclusively nursing now for almost 8 months, and it was been quite an adventurous journey. Looking back I am astonished I have got this far. I set my mind to it extended breastfeeding this time around, and the way things are going I do not see the end in sight anytime soon, and I am totally cool with that. Four months ago, my perspective was completely different. Asher struggled with latching for months and months. I pumped everyday all the time off my left side to keep production up. It was rough. He finally got bigger and perfected his latch. Now it seems like those tough days were eons ago, but honestly I wasn't sure I could get through it. With the support of the local Le Leche League groups and many different conversations with lactation consultants and midwives we perfected our struggle for successful breastfeeding, and to this day things are running smoothly. Asher finally started gaining and getting very chunky, and I am so proud of him, and yes...of me as well.
Lincoln nursed with supplementation for ten and a half months, and I am so happy I got that time with him.

 It was a personal goal of mine to breastfeed this long (and longer) with Asher and any successive children that we have. I will cherish these days for the rest of my life. The bond that is forged through nursing is awesome, and the benefits are amazing (this is an entire other post in itself). I love my little chunk.

Breastfeeding is not always the easiest of choices(it can come with its difficulties-finding support from others is the best thing you can do), but it is always the best choice for your baby.
Here are some great resources on breastfeeding to check out:

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