Saturday, September 24, 2011

Boys and Birth

              Tonight while Lincoln was in his bath he did the funniest thing, and it spurred on a blog post in my head. He was just playing around with his bath wash rag and started making this grunting face while using the rag to wash his bottom area, then he looked at me while making said noises and pulled the rag up from under the water, pulled it up on to his chest, and said "look ma, I had a baby" or something to that effect, I died laughing, needless to say. But was honestly very happy that he gets the concept of the thing, I told him that boys do not have babies and they do not come out of a butt, but other than that I let him play his little story out.Since Lincoln was almost 3 when his little brother was born, we spent some time prepping him for the arrival of the new baby. We watched birth videos together and talked about what happens, so that he would not be scared when the time came.
              See the thing is, I WANT my boys to grow up being completely comfortable around birth. If our society is EVER going to change the way we view birth- to birth WITHOUT fear- being the main goal, then we also need to help change this perspective in our men. So many men and women, really, look at birth as a scary, awkward, gross, weird, event that they would rather not even witness. But being present in that moment for your significant other, and for the new baby is so important. If my boys grow up viewing birth as natural, magical, special, life-changing, powerful, beautiful, and perfect in and of itself, then they can become the daddy-doula that his wife will some day need. He will be able to encourage her one day, and if I can help raise a few boys that see it as the way it should be, then I will have done my job to help change the world.

Check out these pics from Asher's birth last year. Lincoln's presence during my labor was so calming and helped put things into focus for me. I loved looking into his eyes and knowing I was about to give him a sibling, and that he could be there for that special moment was priceless! We should all do our part to help raise the future men of the world and encourage them to view birth as the normal process that it is!

These amazing photos were taken by Marnie Urso! Thank you again lady, I seriously look at them all the time and feel so happy! <3

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