Friday, March 8, 2013

Home birth supplies

All right let's see, here is a pic of the majority of birth supplies I have right now.
What is in it:
  • Tons of chux pads/doggy peewee pads to put down around the house as needed
  • Birth tub liner
  • Debris net to clean out floaties from tub. Yes I said it. 
  • Sterile gloves
  • Gauze sponges
  • Surgical lubricant. Though I think olive oil or coconut oil would suffice
  • Curtain liner to cover couch (I got PVC free)
  • Antiseptic skin cleaner (no idea why I have that??)
  • Paper towels
  • Drinking water safe hose (50 ft.) for filling Birth Pool in a Box 
  • Hand sanitizer (I have EO lavender spray and castile soap wipes)
  • Granny panties, like the hospital ones, super big and more comfortable 
  • Maxi pads, Heavy duty kind to make frozen postpartum pads with postpartum bath herbs and witch hazel sort of like this: 
  • Postpartum bath herbs from my awesome Midwife, and I also have more from LuSa Organics
  • Peri bottle (yes!)
  • Wishgarden Afterease tincture
  • MegaFood Blood Builder for my iron levels after birth 
  • Cord clamps 
  • Bulb syringe
  • Lots of towels, and lots of washclothes
  • Bendy straws (for easy drinking in labor)
  • Healthy and yummy labor snacks and drinks (water, coconut water, juices, fruits) 
These are just the supplies that I have listed from my midwife to have on hand, or that I thought may be handy from past experience. This does not include the awesome bag of tricks that both my Midwife and my doulas will have on hand. But in the end, really, these are all mostly just precautionary type supplies. Let's let birth unfold without messing with it and see what miraculous things take place!!!! 

What would you add to this list? Is there something you think would be super handy that I have forgotten? 

Excuse my crazy crazy hair and clothes. This is how I roll most of the time these days. 

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