Thursday, February 28, 2013

Prepping for a transition

I am not sure of how typical it is, but both my boys seem to be going through new "phases" as we prepare to welcome this new baby any day. Let me go a little more in depth.

has recently started this very odd oral fixation thing. Hands in his mouth constantly, biting and sucking on random things here and there. He has never been like this, did not even take a paci for very long as a baby. Now I am constantly asking him to take his fingers out of his mouth, and he is getting red irritated marks around his lips from doing it so often! I know there has to be some "reason" behind the whole thing. It seems very unusual for his age~ almost 5, to start something like this. Thoughts? What can I do other than ask him not to do it?

Where can I start with Asher? Things have been really difficult with him lately. He is in this new "NO" phase and while I definitely know this is normal, it is just not in line with his usual personality. He does not and will not listen to me at all lately. He acts insanely defiant and pushes me to the verge of tears almost daily now. This whole thing was just so sudden and I am having a difficult time with holding my patience together dealing with him. Its this whole HUGE struggle to do our daily things like diaper changes, getting dressed or anything thats not his number one priority at that time. This may just be a coincidence that it is coming out right before baby, but it may also be him asking for more attention because he senses all the time I am putting into "baby Mars" already. Whew, I don't know!!!!!

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