Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The end of our Fourth Trimester

   We have been out of the "4th Trimester", or the first three months postpartum, for a few weeks now. I have been feeling totally back to normal and Marsden has wiggled his way into our family perfectly. He fits like he was always meant to be here, and we all just love him so much. 
   This postpartum time period has been blissful. I spent a solid 6 weeks in bed just snuggling and getting to know Mars while the kids came and played in bed with me, watched movies, or spent time with other family members. I slowly got back into society, as I craved time with other adults. So we did little play dates here and there. I held my baby tons, I nursed him constantly, I changed and washed countless diapers, and I took pictures galore. We have taken baths together and I have given him massages with coconut oil and shea butter. We have bonded and stared into each others eyes, and just gotten to know each other on the outside.
   Now Mars is quickly approaching 4 months. He is a happy little soul (usually). He is a daddy's boy. He loves to smile at people and absolutely loves attention. Just recently he has been grabbing and holding toys and bringing them to his mouth, he loves when I hold him sitting up to watch everything, and he like being worn, of course. 
   He has always been a finger sucker, and now enjoys his paci as well. He has the silliest little giggle and his smile will change your world. 
   We have traveled to Raleigh, twice to Asheville, and even to Ohio already! 
   I'm trying to pump a good stash, I start back to school in a few weeks! I know this will be so hard to leave him everyday, but I will make the very most of the time I do have with him and be sure to snuggle him extra hard for now! 

And now, for some pics and videos!!! 

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