Monday, June 1, 2009

Top 5 reasons why.....

SOOOOO i really love this website called it has lots of fun mommy stuff and I love to see all the new things they post just about everyday! Well they always have little lists of things like the "10 embarrassing "mom"ments" and "ten reasons why i loved summer camp" well i wanted to put together my own list its the top 5 reasons why I am glad to not be pregnant anymore... and the top 5 reasons why I miss it!!!!!

Why I am glad to not be pregnant right now....
  1. I can go out for a few drinks! I dont freak out if someone is smoking near me!!
  2. The morning sickness, waddling like a duck, and heartburn are horrible... I can do with out those things!!!!!!!!!
  3. I can eat spicy things!!!!!! yay!
  4. I can exercise and have sex without worrying about a baby in my tummy!!
  5. I can lay down on my stomach and read a book!!! (this one was hard for me when i was pregnant to never lay on my stomach at all!!!!!!!!)
Why I miss being pregnant......
  1. While many women do not like the attention and constant belly touching, I loved it. I do miss being the center of attention and getting fawned over all the time.
  2. Nothing compares to feeling a baby move inside your belly its amazing!
  3. Being pregnant is a powerful thing.... your growing a baby!!
  4. Eating without guilt, yep.
  5. The bonding it brought with my hubby, planning the name, listening to the heartbeat together, working on the room, and just knowing that we created a human being.

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