Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Marvelous May

Playing in the play area at chic fila we love it cause we can get in there with him and play!

This month went by in a blur! Seriously. He seems like he just had his first birthday and now he is already 13 and a half months. Why is this year going by so fast! yikes. I want it to slow down. I need more of my little boy!

The other night I went into Lincolns room to check on him a few hours after he had fallen asleep and he caught me!! AHH haha so i couldnt just leave him I held him again and rocked him in his room and sang to him... it was so crazy to have this big big boy in my arms it reminded me so much of when he was a newborn and I did that every night.

What I love about Lincoln right now:
~ He loves being the center of attention... haha he will just scream at random people in the store if they are not paying attention to him!
~He loves trying new foods but will def tell you if he does not like it. If he likes it he shakes his head up and down and says hmmmmmmmmmm
~He claps for himself whenever he takes steps
~He is very very afraid of slides. He does not find one thing enjoyable about them. But he loves swings and playing in the grass and flipping upside down!
~He points at everything and wants to know "whats dat"
~He gets all excited and giddy when he sees daddy coming home!

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  1. Jessie, this is great... I love it! You are much better about keeping up with your blog than I am. Maybe I'll update today :) Your little guy is SO cute! And I totally agree with your top 5 lists! Take care.