Friday, June 12, 2009

I wouldnt change a thing! well... yes i would

So dont get me wrong. I love the way things have turned out for our family.. its amazing right now, we have so much love for this Little 13 month old boy ( and he gives lots of kisses in return). But there are def some things I wish I could change and I have been thinking alot about those things recently... like our location and financial situation.... ugh what to do what to do. I am un happy so much lately at my job and I know my husband is too. I just hope things can change for the better because I want Lincoln to have the best! He is such an awesome coool little boy. He loves to look up at me with this crazy gap toothed grin! I know that I would do anything in the world for this little man and my family. So on to the good stuff... all about Lincoln:
So I thought I would add a little video of Lincoln doing one of his favorite things to do... bathtime!!! He loves splashing and playing in his little ducky... he trys to say quack quack and its so cute!

He is officially walking everywhere now and I will try to get that on video too... its so cute he waddles/does some kind of frankenstein walk! I love it and he gets so proud of himself. Go Lincoln!

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