Sunday, July 11, 2010

18 weeks already!!!

So I havent had a computer to be able to upload pictures or update this blog. But I have been very good about writing in my journal to keep tabs on everything this pregnancy. I have been feeling wonderful!!! I honestly feel so good and I am LOVING being pregnant. I have been feeling wonderful movement and occasional kicks.
I have gained about 1 and a half pounds. SOOO not to bad for the time being. I have really been trying to go for walks at night or use my exercise ball or just dance around with Lincoln alot. He keeps me mad busy anyways!He loves having his mommy home, but I think he is getting quite spoiled by it, I know once school starts next month he will do well in the schools daycare (if we decide that is what we are doing for sure) Oh and by the way.... I got into nursing school!! SO I have been pretty busy trying to get everything ready for orientation in two weeks. I have a CPR class next week. I need to get all my records of shots and everything from my old high school. I get fingerprinted at the UAPD tmrw. I also am trying to figure out what to do for books, trying to save up as much as possible from my babysitting.
Here a crazy thing to see how much my tummy is just growing growing growing......
Here is me at 10 weeks......and here is me at 16 and a half weeks...... (WOW what a difference in 6 weeks)
and.... here is a super cute picture of Lincoln just for the fun of it... He is so big. He is totally in his terrible twos but can also be the most sweet loving boy (thats why we are keeping him around:)) But seriously, dude, he is way sooo adorable and handsome. I am excited for him to gain a new brother or sister.... but probably brother (thats my guess right now)

Next blog update.... I am writing all about my plan to birth at home (yes you read that right)... whether you want to hear it or not :)


  1. You are an amazing beautiful person! Whether you want to hear it or not! You are a great mother and I know you always try to do the right thing for Lincoln! You have also become an amazing friend to me! Especially when my so-called best friends were not! I just want to say thank you! Also I can't wait to meet this new beautiful baby! I hope I'm apart of her life as much as I'm apart of Lincolns! (You noticed I called the baby a her!!! Haha I want a girl!) Love you girlie!

  2. By the way I wrote that comment!

  3. AWWW thanks girl!! You know how nobody ever reads this blog!! HAHA its funny at first I was like why did I comment on my own blog... I was probably still logged in on your computer. Anyways, you really have become a great friend to me, a best friend. I am so happy to have you around all the time, your a big help and I know this baby will love you!!! I know Lincoln does too... he is just being a terrible two year old to you :)