Saturday, February 19, 2011

Gettting to know baby Asher

Hi! My name is Asher Orion Pace. I am now 10 weeks old :) I am starting to really grow these days. Not sure how much I weigh exactly but I think its somewhere around 9.5 lbs or so. (I am still a tiny little peanut)

I really enjoy drinking mama's milk, its probably my favorite pastime. I am a very happy, chilled out little guy mostly all the time. I only get upset when my tummy tells me I am hungry, but I still do not like to scream and cry very often. I only have to make little complainy noises and my mommy (or daddy) comes to the rescue.

Milk coma. :) I love to fall asleep in my mommy and daddy's arms. It makes me feel secure and warm.

 I still fit in my newborn size clothes, but I am starting to be able to wear 0-3 months size. I look so cute in my sweet baby boy clothes :)

I really like being the little brother to Lincoln. He talks to me alot and tries to make me smile. Hearing daddy's voice also makes me smile, I feel happy when I see daddy.
Mommy takes lots of pictures of me. 

I sleep in a bassinet most nights next to mommy. But usually end up in the bed with mommy, daddy and Lincoln because mommy falls asleep while feeding me. (I will sleep next to them full time when I am a little bigger, and won't get squished by my big brother)

I am really good at lifting my head up. I am really curious about the world around me, and just love to see pretty colors and lights.

My skin is sensitive. My favorite time is at night when mommy puts burt's bees apricot oil on my belly and gives me nice massages.

Being born in the winter is really cool, but you gotta stay bundled up when you go out, that's for sure. I prefer my warm baby bear suit. It is very very soft.
 I really enjoy having my paci in my mouth, it helps soothe me, and almost always helps me fall asleep. I like to have something to suck on even when I am not hungry sometimes.

 I love to talk alot, I coo and giggle, and its the sweetest thing ever, and it will melt your heart. I also started blowing bubbles out of my mouth, and I slobber everywhere. Time to start wearing bibs, I think. :)

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