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Dana's Beautiful Fast Birth- As Written By Her Two Doulas

    Dearest Dana, First we want to thank you for inviting us to be a part of this special moment in your life. We will remember it forever! Here is your story as written by us, your doulas, Jessica Pace and Bridget Riley.

    ~Your Birth Story~
    You were so ready to meet your baby. From 37 weeks on, hoping that today would be the day. Bridget and I were excited and anxious as well, so happy to do a water birth, and to be there with you and your family.
     Our prenatal visits with you and your family made the upcoming birth so exciting! We would leave each one with such a wonderful "birth high" pumped up and so elated. You would text me the morning after each prenatal saying that you had some contractions overnight (maybe it was the birth positions we practiced or all the talk of birth that did it). 
    On February 17th we had a birth pep talk at Chickfila with Dusti, Jade and I (Jessica). 
    On February 18th You had some 4 am contractions and you were so bummed that they quit coming. We were so excited we knew it would not be long now. The way you described them as nice and crampy and strong, it sounded like your body was doing some nice work to prepare for labor! We both slept with our charged phones next to us that night! 
   On February 19th (THE DAY!!!) I (Jessica) get a phone call from you while I'm watching cartoons with my boys, at 10:06am. I knew as soon as I saw your name that it was time. I got all fluttery in my tummy. We talked about how the contractions were feeling, I wanted to stay on the phone and listen while you were breathing through one to see how intense it sounded and how you were coping. You had been having some irregular ones for almost 4 hours already that morning, some coming around 5 minutes apart or so. But you sounded so very calm and when we talked through the first contraction your breathing was pretty light and almost normal. I was pretty certain it was the real thing, though probably early labor. I hung up and called Bridget right away, I was only 20 minutes away but had to drop my boys off pretty far away before heading over. I called you back right away to let you know I wanted Bridget to come check right away to see how you were, and this time when you breathed through your contraction on the phone with me (less than 15 minutes from our first phone call) it sounded much more deep and you were even moaning a little with it. I knew it was go time and started rushing hardcore to try and get my boys ready so I could be by your side! 
    (Bridget's POV) I was sleeping at my friends house down the street from your house when my phone rang and I saw it was Jessica's name on caller ID. My heart raced and I just knew that it meant today was the day! After hearing how your contractions were seeming more like the real deal I got up fast, headed to my car and made sure everything was ready. I text you to let you know I was on her way, and arrived within ten minutes to your house. It was 10:40am when I got to your apartment and you looked radiant! 
    Daniel and Leeland were there and the energy was great and birthy! We started timing your contractions because you hadn't done so yet. After a few strong contractions we discovered they were 5 minutes apart, lasting 20-30 seconds, and you thought about a 6 to7 pain level scale. Pretty good for walking around all morning with Leeland and making breakfast  for the family! After your friends came over to watch Leeland we called the midwife, and she said you could go in when you felt like it. The thought of getting the tub set up and sitting in the water sounded great to you, so we got ready to head out (after a brief visit from your in-laws). It was rainy and cold out, but we didn't really notice too much. Since you had such a nice rhythm going so well at home (swaying back and forth during contractions and squatting in between them) , we knew the car ride would be uncomfortable. I rode with you and Daniel for the ten minute car ride to Women's Hospital. You did your best to get into a place that was okay for the FOUR contractions you had in the car. I remember Daniel slowing down for a yellow light and you wanting him to make it so badly. Finally after what seemed like forever, we arrived at the hospital where Jessica was there waiting for us. Finally the happy birth team was together and excited for what was to come in the day! 

    (Back to Jessica's POV) After rushing back from dropping my boys off at Dusti's house, who was surprised by my showing up at her door, I was going to meet at your house, but things were progressing at what seemed like a little bit faster then we thought, so it was time to meet you at the hospital! I only arrived at the hospital about 5 minutes before you all. I was carrying the big water tub and all the supplies that go with it, lugging that around the hospital is no fun! Daniel pulled up right to the front of the admissions it was about (about 11:55am now), and I immediately rushed to your side. Its like I felt incomplete and freaking out until I was by your side. I needed to be with you, I think because I felt so invested in the whole thing and was missing out on the whole first part by driving my kids across town. Anyways I rushed to your side to help you out of the car. I could tell you were a little in panic mode, much different than when you were established with labor in your home. You seemed to start freaking out a little only because sitting in the car during intense contractions is SO HARD. But you breathed and calmed down and walked to the front desk to start paperwork while laboring. 
   I was rubbing your back a little bit while you finished that all up, you got back to swaying and doing this crazy hip pop thing after each contraction while leaning on the front desk. We were just all chatting and trying to help you through. Then came the hard part for us, they took you back for check-in with Daniel, while Bridget and I just waited in the waiting room for yall. It took them close to 30 minutes to get you into the hospital gown and check your cervix and vitals. You said it was because they were working around your laboring. You just did not want to sit down!!! After they finished up we saw them whisking you down the hall in a wheelchair (looking back, it was a good thing they were booking it!) we jogged after you with all the birth stuff and started setting up the birth tub and all the stuff in the room. Right now its about 12:35 and you were doing some nice hard work! Nurses were trying to get in there and listen to the baby, asking tons of questions and you were leaning over the bed in the room just swaying and deep breathing. Doing your thing! It was awesome seeing you work hard and labor in such an intense way.They said you were about 5 to 6 centimeters dilated when they checked you about 10 minutes ago (if that). But your labor was swiftly progressing.
   I started noticing you were sweating so hard, you started shaking with the contractions and couldn't even sway with them as much. I could tell you were going to need the birth tub soon because it looked like maybe this was going to be some intense laboring. I SHOULD have seen that this was transition! 
   You would look up in between a hard contraction and look right at me and Bridget, the look in your eyes said so much. You were doing this, it was HARD, and you were not sure how much more of this you could take. I held your hand, put cool rags on your head, and Bridget was working hard on encouraging you all while we were trying, with Daniels help, to get the birth tub set up (it was a failed mission).  
  Here comes the CRAZY PART! It was 12:47 or so, only about 10 minutes from getting into the room. I was beside you, Bridget in front, and a nurse on the other side of you. All the sudden you said I'M PUSHING, he is coming out, I can feel his head down there!!! I do not think any of us believed you at first but your body language was saying otherwise. Tail tucked under and you seemed to involuntary be pushing a baby out on your own! The nurse agreed and from there it was CHAOTIC! The midwife came running down the hall with the team of nurses. I rushed for the camera. Daniel came to hold your hand. You crawled up onto the bed on all fours and within two minutes your baby boy's head was out. His little hand was born right next to his head, a nuchal hand, I think it was the left side. And then his whole body just sprang out. Everyone was shocked and overjoyed! You were a little stunned. We were trying to figure out how to pass you the baby since he had a pretty short cord. You just flipped around and grabbed him up! Seriously it was amazing and I loved witnessing this rock your socks kinda hospital birth!
   You went from 5/6 centimeters dilated to 10 within 20 minutes! 
   Your body started pushing Hayden out ALL on its own! 
   You didn't give up, and you seriously amazed us all!
Hayden was beautiful and so plump and pink right at birth! Such a beautiful story, strong mama, and cute baby boy.    


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