Wednesday, March 7, 2012

In hibernation.

    Well, Lincoln is the most sick he has ever been and we have been in hibernation in our house since last Friday. It is now Wednesday! I even took him to the hospital last saturday for fear of dehydration. YUCK. Its a combo of fever, not eating or drinking, lots of gross green eye goop coming out of his blood shot eyes, his throat hurts, his belly hurts and overall he just says "I dont feel good, momma". So we have bunkered down in the house, done a lot of tv watching and book reading. Pushing him to drink constant fluids and tried the best we can. He is gradually getting better, finally. Here are some pics of my sick, sick boy.

Not liking Brenner Childrens Hospital
yucky looking eyes, thinking pink eye

lukewarm bath with a popsicle helps fever boy
Sleeping SO MUCH
hurting eyes.

First day out to return a redbox, he was crying the whole time

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