Sunday, March 11, 2012

Four Births/Four Life-Lessons

I have now attended four births, and am about to be on call for my fifth. I know I am still a newbie, but each experience has been life changing and such a learning adventure. I have learned four life lessons. Let me summarize what I learned with each in one or two sentences.
  1.  Birth is beautiful, and women are strong. Birth can be quiet and surreal, and still epically powerful. 
  2. Some doctors who catch babies do not love birth, it makes for a tense environment, to say the least. But a woman will face any and everything for her baby, and she becomes a different person the second that baby is in her arms.
  3. Birth is spontaneous and so very different for everyone. Trust the woman, she knows herself best.
  4. The mind is a powerful thing when a strong woman has her mind on something it is pretty awesome to watch her stick to her guns. Also, medical interventions can still = a totally epic natural hospital birth. 

I love each experience so far. I learn new things with each one and become a different person myself because of it. I love being in the birth field, I would not change a thing. I feel so passionate about birth and how I fully believe it shapes and changes the world. I am so excited for the next four, forty, and one hundred and forty births that I attend and I hope I never lose my passion for it, and that I continue to learn life lessons from each and every birth I attend.

these two paintings were done by: Simply amazing and inspiring birth art. I want to some day have a room full of her art among a few others that I just adore.

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