Friday, March 30, 2012

Keeping busy, finding happiness

Real fast update on us all.

We are doing very well, adjusting finally to living in this new state.

Ive made a wonderful group of hippy/crunchy friends. We all get along so nicely and they make me feel loved and wanted. Everyone is so passionate, its awesome! We do babywearing meetups, playdates, educational outings, and love walking around all wearing our babies and breastfeeding and cloth diapering!

 I am also co-leading bi-monthly Birth Circle meetups with two other doulas. Its a great place for women in all stages to come and share and encourage each other.

I am also attending births pretty regularly, when I have a lull in between births I am keeping busy with prenatal client visits or postpartum with the ones that already gave birth!

Lincoln has made some wonderful friends and has been really loving playdates with his friends. He is also loving our "school" time at home when we do workbooks or something similar together. He loves learning inconspicuously at friends houses though, that is our favorite.

Asher is getting bigger and thinning out. Has seven teeth. Tries to communicate with us, but still really does not use many words. He is happy and loves to be worn and loves his mama milk. He is growing fast, and is doing pretty well when mama is away at births.

Zack is busy with work as usual but finally has set days off during the week! He is moving ahead and up in the company. He is such a hardworker and they love him. Wont be long till he gets his own store, I believe.

The whole pace family is moving! So excited. We found an old farm-type house in the country off a long gravel road. Its old and has a lot of character. Lots of yard, and so much fun! I get to garden this summer!!!


  1. So happy to get to share in your new life! :)

  2. Super excited for your move! And I can't believe how big the boys are getting!

  3. I am so glad you moved here! You are an amazing friend and an awesome person. David really loves playing with Lincoln too! I can't wait to see your new house!