Thursday, January 24, 2013

33 week update!

Whew! The final stretch is just around the corner. I may be such an odd person but I want it to SLOW down, I do not want to rush these last few precious, amazing, and sacred weeks I have with baby number 3 growing inside my belly. I am feeling closer than ever bonded to baby, the kicks are so strong and responsive. I will bullet point some tidbits so it is easier to read :

  • I close my eyes and can see where baby is positioned and I feel amazingly in tuned to him/her. Baby is head down right now, I am certain I can feel hiccups very low. The back and bum are against my left side and I feel kicks and jabs and movements everywhere. 
  • I have started pulling out all the newborn clothes, and getting "new" to us clothes from wonderful friends.
  • We also have a pretty nice cloth diaper stash building up for the sweet baby bum. 
  • Maternity shirts are a pain and not much looks very good on me, belly is higher this time, but lower too... I cant explain that very well. My belly is stretched out more so its not tight skin round belly that is lower, it is more jiggly ;). Baby is sitting higher up though, which makes my pelvis happy. 
  • My gums are bleeding insanely every time I brush. This is not abnormal for me. 
  • I dream of taking a bath in some soothing body lotion such as shea butter or something similar. I have these intense dry spots especially on my elbows and knees that I can not fix! 
  • I can still reach my feet pretty well, though Zack was so wonderful and painted my toes for me the other day!
  • I am starting to feel the dreaded pubis symphysis pain in the front. Its a sharp stretching pain. Im trying to get up with both legs together at the same time to try and minimize it. 
  • Lincoln and baby Mars. I do not even need to say more, other than I HAVE to video his amazing conversations to and about the baby. He is incredible. He talks to baby every night, he tells me about baby being born in the water and how he can not wait to hold baby in his arms when he/she grows big enough to be ready. We talk about everything! He is very fascinated with the umbilical cord and how it becomes our belly buttons. 
  • Still searching for a comfortable sleeping position. My body pillow does help some. 
  • BUBBLE OF PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My doula Chelsea read to me a hypnobirthing script about my bubble of peace and it hit home so hard. I have my protective shield up finally, and am only allowing the positive stories in and shielding away any negativity! 

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