Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lincoln-isms version 2012

This is Lincoln's year in review, mostly from facebook updates, and random pictures from Instagram. He says the silliest things. He is so observant and hilarious. This year has been so fun with him. Have a giggle. 

  • "mom, tell Asher to stop hulk-ing me"

  • Lincoln embarrassed me beyond belief today when we were out in greensboro... We has walked past an Asian man and Lincoln yells pretty loudly, "LOOK MOM, he is from Gangnam Style." I just stared at him open mouthed and quickly walked away, hoping no one heard him. :o

  • We have been laying around and snuggling all day after Lincoln being sick and throwing up all night. The three of us woke up from an afternoon nap and Lincoln turned over to me and said, " You are so beautiful mommy. I love you more than SuperWhy." ;)

  • We pulled up to drop Sarah off at her work and I was explaining that Sarah works there to Lincoln he responded with, " but she can't work, only daddies work." *facepalm 

  • Lincoln wished on the blue moon tonight over and over. He said he wants a Woody doll. :) silly boy.

  • Lincoln's adorable quote for the day: " mom, I wish I wanted to woosh away into outer space".

  • Lincoln's new thing- Me: Lincoln why did you do that? or how come you didnt want to do this? Lincoln: Because it doesn't say so in my story. thanks SuperWhy.

  • "Lincoln, who was mad at me for not sharing the last bite of yogurt, told me that a policeman was going to come and poke me in the eye...."

  • Lincoln just made me one teary eyed sappy mama... he laid his head on my belly and said "mom can I tell baby Mars good things?" And I said of course. He started rubbing my belly and said " baby you are beautiful!" :) tears. Lots of sweet emotional tears. Night y'all. That just made my year.

  • Me: Lincoln get your seat buckled so we can go to the store. Lincoln: I'm not Lincoln, I am a princess. Everyone will know me now. Hahaha he found the headband on the floor as won't take it off. Insists in wearing it into the store. I can't make this stuff up. LOL.

  • "he is the king of the spidermans"

i love this kid. 

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