Saturday, December 22, 2012

Doing my "next time" checklist.

I can not even recall all the many times I have heard it said among my mama friends. "If we have another baby, I would love to do ________ next time." or "Next time I plan on doing _____ and ______ differently. " I know I have said these things myself as well quite a few times, but now.... NOW IS MY "NEXT TIME."
So the hard part is trying to remember all those things I would LOVE to plan happen surrounding my pregnancy/birth and babymoon time period. Here is a checklist of sorts of things I desire with all my heart and will strive for achieving with every resource available to me.

  • make a birth quilt! I have been drooling over doing this for so long, but need help! I want to have a Blessingway where my close friends bring a special square to add to the quilt, and once baby is born, I can take pics of baby on the quilt every month. Like this:  
  • have end of pregnancy photo shoot outside with the trees
  • belly henna! 
  • decorate my birth room! positive sayings, lots of colors, pictures, and candles I am sure my doula friends can help me with this :) 
  • stay more active in end of pregnancy, especially stretching and doing my squats
  • a peaceful water-birth where HUBBY catches baby before passing baby back through my legs and straight to my chest. (that is, if I give birth hands and knees again) 
  • an INTACT perineum aka NO hard pushing for hours, peaceful birthing the baby down and breathing baby out 
  • wait to find out the baby's sex, just hold and snuggle my new baby for a while without caring about their sex. Even if any interventions are needed like they were with Asher a little bit, I will stay calm and focused on my baby's face and not be tempted to sneak a peek. :) 
  • more skin to skin! Anyone who wants to hold the baby within those first few hours or days.... plan to get topless! :) 
  • cook lots of meals and freeze them before baby comes 
  • lay in bed and snuggle baby for a few weeks with the family. Get to know each other. Be lazy. Take too many pictures. 

I am very absolutely sure there are more things on my list.... hmmm, what am I forgetting? I am sure there will be part 2! Leave your "next times" in the comments! :)

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