Sunday, May 15, 2011


Lincoln: "Mom, Im starting to worry about you."
Me: "Really, and why is that?"
Lincoln: "Well, cause, Im getting old."

Hahahaha makes no sense but it was so grown up and hilarious hearing my almost 3 year old tell me why he was worried about me. All prompted because I was frantically searching the house for something.
Lincoln seems to be missing the concept of potty training. I told him it doesnt count when you poop on the living room floor then pick it up with your hands to put it in the potty! YUCK what a mess that was.

Lincoln took a brush to my hair the other day, and for the first time unprompted he told me: "mommy, your booootiful". ~Heart totally melted. 

He runs around shaking his fist in the air saying, "our battle will be lebendaiwy (ledgendary)" It's from Kung Fu Panda, the best cartoon movie ever.

He pronounces words amazingly and has such great grammar, but all his V's are pronounced as B's and itsthe cutest thing ever: I lub you foreber, be bery bery gentle (with baby Asher), Treber (Sarah's new boyfriend), I neber eat those gumballs, mommy-i hab to go outside and play.
I attempted to give Lincoln some breastmilk in a cup, since we were all sick last month and I wanted to give him some of the good antibodies that come with my milk.... after he drank the whole cup he looked up at me and said, "mom, where did this milk come from?" haha i guess he could taste the difference. :)
Lincoln says the other morning, "I yike cimanim rolls, they are yummy and they're tasty"

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