Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shameful Admissions #4

I need a man around this house.

Well, not just any man, but my man. My husband. I guess never realized how much help it is to have a man in your life. Since he has been gone I realized I have to mow the lawn, I have to fix the appliances, I have to kill the spiders, I have to be the one to check on the scary noise outside that the dogs are barking at in the middle of the night.... and so many other things that I am just not doing because I am already taking care of a toddler, an infant, and two crazy dogs while attempting to keep the house clean and start the packing for our move.

Whew, I miss having Zack around.

1 comment:

  1. Not shameful in the slightest bit. They are needed and that is a good thing. They need us just as much. There is nothing wrong with us having a dependent piece to us. It shows we work as a team with our spouses.
    Much love and luck to you all. call me if you need help.