Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My body

 A silly video of Lincoln blowing raspberries on my tummy.


I am large in my skin
I make no apology
This belly grew three babies
Why should it be flat?
It curves with the memory of the womb.
These breasts fed three babies
Why should they be pert?
They swell with the memory of milk.
These hips carried three children
Why should they be slim?
They are full with the memory of life.
My bones are secret under flesh
My skin plump and white and fine
Mine is the face of Botticelli
Mine is the water of the Nile
Mine is the shape of things forbidden
Daughter of Gaia, grown beautiful and wild.

~Lorri Barrier
A poem I found that applies oh so well to me. I love it. I wish I could love myself but I do not know I will ever get to that point. I appreciate the good and the bad and how much my body can do. How many people can say they have grown babies and fed them all with their body. No man, that's for sure, so how can they truly appreciate our bodies like they should be viewed? Most of us are not skinny supermodels with "flawless" skin. We have battle scars; birth scars. I sure as hell would take them all on again for my boys. 

I just wish there was a society that looked at a woman with a body like mine, and so many mothers that I know, and truly truly loved it because.... DAMN, LOOK WHAT THAT BODY CAN/DID  DO! 

while pregnant/in labor
I breast feed. I have now for a total of about 17 months between my two children. I plan to continue for as long as my baby needs.
My breast fed baby is strong now, and healthy. He is getting chunkier and chubbier and growing so well.

I have carried 2 babies, I have stretched and shrunk and stretched and shrunk. I have had a c-section which dramatically changed the shape of my stomach.

This post was inspired by this post: http://www.drmomma.org/2011/05/birthmarks.html

 (I guess it is a good thing not to many ppl read my blog, I am self conscious to post these pictures, but I am doing it because I want to get over it! And just because I am learning to appreciate my body does not mean I am not trying to lose weight, which I am but it is a slow process!!!)

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  1. I would post my pictures, but no one would be able to tell the difference between yours and mine. :) All of us mama's are in this together.