Monday, May 9, 2011

Story of my life

I get it from all sides. The questioning of why I do what I do with my boys. I have my reasons, and really I do not have to explain them to anyone, but I raise my boys based on what I believe is best for them, and what research tells me will help them grow up into their independence. I KNOW I am daily trying to do what is best for my boys. I am learning everyday how to handle the challenges of a toddler who is very determined, strong-willed, fun, adventurous, and o-so lovey. I do believe if I would have practiced more AP principles with Lincoln as a new baby, or even had a different birth, he might be a different person today. Also, its just plain personality. Asher is a super chill, happy, overall amazingly good baby. I have always co-slept with him, breastfeed him exclusively, wear him in my sling alot or just hold him in my arms, and have never let him just cry it out.
I don't know. What do you think? Is it just coincidence that my children's behaviors are so opposite?


  1. It's likely a nature/nurture combo, really. Both of my boys started out pretty similarly...Elliott was without a sling until 6 weeks and Myles started from birth, but aside from that we've done everything the same as far as breastfeeding, co-sleeping, no CIO, etc. Both were vaginal births, although Elliott's was medicated (but we still got a decent start on breastfeeding/bonding ASAP)...but their personalities couldn't be more different. Elliott's always been a very "by the rules" kid, and Myles is incredibly independent/"I'll do it my way". Myles was, surprisingly, a lot more laid back as an infant that Elliott was, though...they sort of switched that around somewhere down the line.

  2. For me it is more than just the independent, go get em personality of Stephen that makes me think his birth affected him. He is an angry child. Not just temper tantrums...just flat out mad. Even if he has what he wants, he is still mad at something. His anger makes it VERY difficult to discipline gently. Other than their births, everything has been the same - bfing, co-sleeping, APing - and they do have similar personalities (both crazy energy until they are asleep) the biggest difference is that Delaney smiles and is somewhat gentle. Ever since birth Stephen has been angry and violent. It makes me sad. :(