Saturday, September 3, 2011

Big Boy Undies!!!!

I just want to (officially?) announce that Lincoln is finally a potty user. I guess 3 years, and 4 months was the perfect amount of time that my son needed to prepare himself for this event in his life. Not that everyone really cares or wants to know this, but I am proud of him. We struggled with potty using for over a year. I started too early with him and tried to insist to everyone that he was ready. But honestly I thought he was ready back then, just cause he could explain the whole thing, but he did not care to do it in practice. We tried every trick in the book! In the end it took a few good weeks of hard hard work trying to gently lead him into being diaper free. What won him over finally was when we went to target to fill a basket full of "POTTY PRIZES" and he got to pick a potty prize every time he used the bathroom. We did that for about 2 weeks, now he is doing it all on him own for the sheer joy of it. *On a side note, I am not really keen on the word potty trained, but it was more of a learning process and in the end the result it the same: I am so proud of my big boy using the potty! (I am writing this blog while he is having his morning potty time, an is announcing to me the sizes of his doos)

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  1. Beckett was 3 and a few months too. It wasn't too long after that he was fully night time potty trained too. I'm talking less than a month and he had dry nights. We still have the occasional accidents when he's sick, but it's very rare. :) CONGRATS LINCOLN!